Beit Shalom Happenings!

Time for another Beit Shalom tea!  This time Izhak and Fanny came and we invited Sima too.  Scrumptious cake and very interesting conversation.  At one point we began to discuss the American elections and it got lively!  We all enjoyed one another’s company and look forward to the next one!

In December and January we had a carpenter here.  Patrick did a lot of needed work at Beit Shalom repainting doors, building cabinets and a bike shed…

…and painting and renovations at Survivors as well.

We now have more volunteers at Beit Shalom with more coming from several countries…  It will be busy at our house for the next months- even running out of room!

Thank you to all who are praying for us, for wisdom and to hear God’s direction.  Our rental contract is going to be negotiated again so we will need God’s instructions and His favor once again!

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