In today’s world the electronic age has ushered in many new ways to inform or stay in communication.    We at AHI want to keep you informed concerning the Survivors of Israel, how we are able to help and what part you can play in this dialogue.


Sukkot BBQ 2016 for Holocaust Survivors

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Everyone had a wonderful time, lots of good food and time to socialize!  Door prizes at the end and a special gift bag for each one from WOW, Women of Wales.  It was the best Sukkot BBQ we have had yet!  About 40 Survivors attended with some family and caretakers.  Many walked to Beit Shalom as we live near their homes. The volunteers were awesome as they served the Survivors with love and care!


We also encourage you to tap into these additional resources to know the truth of what is happening in Israel .  Here are a few with which we will begin:

1. Today’s Hope Newsletter  We publish a monthly e-newsletter, Today’s Hope,  in which we keep you informed of what has been done for the Survivors, what volunteers are accomplishing and history or news concerning the Survivors of the Shoah.  Easy to sign up on any page!

2. Public Relations Ambassador – You can be a Public Relations Ambassador for AHI!go easy way for you to share with others about different aspects of our organization.  We will be adding to the list as we go.

If you want to introduce someone to AHI, just click on the “AHI Introduction Letter” to read the page; at the bottom of that page is a link to print and give out.   To tell others how to help Survivors in the war, print the Project letter; to encourage Survivor adoption, print this letter and share!

Any additional information you need to be an AHI PR Ambassador, just click on the link, print and share.  If what you want isn’t there, fill out the contact page and let us know how we can help you help the Survivors!

3. AHI Blog   From a more personal perspective, the blog is published approximately weekly.  You can read about everyday life in Israel, on the road or from Susan’s mobile AHI office.  You will see interesting bits from a variety of people, a perspective from another sector of AHI.  Check back often- you just never know what may be in AHI’s Blog

4. Ask an Israeli Citizen!  Did you ever want to ask questions about Israel but didn’t know who?  Now is your chance!  Having worked in Israel for 12 years, we know a few people who live here.  On the Amuta Israel page you can fill in your question on the comments section.  We will have one of our many friends and neighbors answer you!

5.  Letters   We at AHI receive letters from volunteers, guests, adoptive families and even sometimes a Survivor.  Here is where we share them with you.  Check back to read the latest experience shared with us.

Becoming Family by Judy Harris

Israel, and Her People, Under Fire Statements by Israeli Citizens

The Red Shawl by Martha Mellinger



News and Information Direct from Israel

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i24 News Live




Israel National News


Jerusalem Post

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