Friends & Associates

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Moses was well aware of the need to share the work.  Gideon did not go to battle by himself.  King Hezekiah assigned those that sang to go before them and those who were ready to battle to follow.

Each one of us has a talent, an assignment, a calling to do what God has given him to do.  We depend on one another.  We work side by side.

“We have a better chance of survival if we work together.” – Maximus, Gladiator

Here we give honor to the leaders of these organizations and agencies, our associates to assist the Holocaust Survivors.  This is our chance to say “Thank you” and let them know we are glad to call them “Friends”.

Listed in alphabetical order:

  • Bondservants of Elohim       Marc and Janice Graville

Statement: We believe that YHWH Sabaoth (the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) does not change (Malachi 3:6) and that from the beginning (Bereshiet) YHVH has declared the end. We believe the instructions for living that He has said are eternal—His Torah, given at Sinai—are therefore valid throughout all time.

Partnering: Consistent prayer and financial support


  • Friends of Zion Prayer Group    Betty Miller and Alma Keener

Statement:  Praying for the “…peace of Jerusalem…” Psalm 122: and for the Jewish citizens of the State of Israel.

Partnering: Consistent prayer for health and peace for the Holocaust Survivors of Israel.


  • Hershko Insurance    Hagai and Sima Hershk0

Statement: Great service with all of their hearts.

Partnering: Assisting AHI in Israel through insurance, support, Survivor visitation, transportation, car rentals, asset oversight and emergency services


  •  Living Water Fellowship, Quitman, TX USA    Dan & Melissa Hartman

Statement: Our goal is for every person to understand that they were created by a loving God who desires to see them fulfilled in every area of their life.

Partnering:  Financial support and educational awareness


  • Ministry of Welfare, Jerusalem, Israel    Dina Lutati,

Dina Lutati is Program Director with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs to facilitate volunteers wishing to give their time and efforts to assist the people of Israel in need.

Partnering:  Providing volunteers and assistance with understanding the laws of Israel.


  • Return Ministries, Ontario, CA       Dean Bye, Director

Statement: Assisting the Jewish people of North America to make Aliyah and Return to Israel.

Partnering:  Opportunities for education and contact with new immigrants to help AHI


  • Saxon Friends of Israel…

Statement:  “There is so much talk; we want to do something!” Hände zum Leben” is a craftsmen service from the Saxon friends of Israel that helps Holocaust survivors in Israel.

Partnering:  AHI partners with Saxon Friends of Israel.  We locate a Survivor in need of renovations, SFI evaluates the materials needed, AHI purchases what is needed, the craftsmen come from Germany, stay at Beit Shalom and complete the job in an amazingly short amount of time!


  • The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel – Gita Koifman

Statement: The Foundation serves, and will continue to serve, as a place to which Holocaust survivors can turn with requests for aid and assistance of any type

Partnering:  Working alongside AHI to assist in identification of needy Survivors