Repeat of Germany 1933?

September 18, 2014 Scotland is voting on possibly leaving the UK.  This decision could cause economic woes, monetary instability, weakening of the other nations in the UK, and 1933 German jews became targets (Small)almost insurmountable problems associated with dividing a 307 year old agreement of unity among the countries of United Kingdom.  In addition the Jewish communites are facing division, distress and harsh consequences both personally and as a whole.

There are between 6000-7,000 Scottish Jews, living primarily in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee.  Historically there has been little anti-Semitism in Scotland.  But the war in Israel begun by Hamas this summer has exposed any pretense of simply anti-Zionistic statements which have been released, quickly changing into outright violence against the Jews.

Graffiti on synagogues, open hostility against Jews in schools, town councils and trade unions, plus citizens flying the Palestinian flag has exploded over the country.  Jews are being threatened openly with physical harm. Fanatical hatred is being displayed by the SPSC (Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign).

There is now a call for a “Jew free Scotland” along with independence. The Scottish parliament has suggested more anti-Israel actions than all other countries of the world combined while ignoring the Muslim slaughters occurring globally.  Even the Church of Scotland released a document stating Israel has no right to the Holy Land; one of their ministers demanded Israelis not be allowed in Edinburgh.

With this growing animosity, Israel boycotts and anti-Semitic plans, the Jewish communities in Scotland need to seriously consider their situation- should they go or stay?  On September 18th, if Scotland chooses independence, many things could impact God’s people living there:

Would kosher slaughter be outlawed?  What of circumcisions?  Actions against these cultural tenets have already occurred in other countries.

  • Would the Jewish community be barred from a government obviously against them, just as Germany did 1933-39?
  • Remarks from Britain have warned armed guards would be placed at the borders to prevent passage between the resulting separate countries if they choose independence.
  • All citizens would likely lose their British passports, citizenship and all privileges.  Scottish citizens would face a new currency.
  • The Aliyah process could easily be deeply impacted.  If they are denied passports their ability to leave and immigrate to Israel may also be denied.

Why would we think this could happen?  It already did- in Nazi Germany.

Please pray for this situation.   Please pray for a strong turnout of voters.   At this time polls show about 51% vs 49% for separation.  Those against breaking out of the UK are commenting their vote would not make a difference.  Losses can be great if this goes forward.

It is time to stand strong for the Jewish people in the face of blatant hatred and anti-Semitism.   Please pray for God’s Hand to spare His people and restore unity in Scotland and to the United Kingdom!

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