God is on the Move!

Scottish bagpiper in EdinburghNo one could ever accuse God of being stagnant or boring!  He is always ahead of us and preparing new things.  We are thrilled at the new developments!

“Forget the former thing; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up.  Do you not perceive it?”  Isaiah 47:18&19

Nothing stays the same.  Like the Israelites following the Pillar of Cloud & Fire, we must be prepared to move and embrace change when God goes forward.  We see the changes and rejoice!

Here are a few things happening within AHI!

  • Yonatan, our new Administrator in Israel, is on a fast track to making things happen.  He will be working with volunteers taking up positions as we shift some of our responsibilities.
  • Ayana is our current translator from Mongolia and has stepped in as temporary custodian of Beit Shalom.
  • The Israeli non-profit begun by AHI is going forward and will be shouldering some of the responsibilities now in AHI hands.  We will share the duties and work side by side.  Yonatan will lead going forward.
  • Susan already spoke in the US and Canada.  For the remainder of September she is speaking in Britain, Scotland and the Netherlands. Keep checking the Calendar/schedule online for more!
  • Volunteers and guests from the US, Germany, Sweden & Holland will be Arriving Beit Shalom this fall and joining our efforts.
  • October 11 is the third annual Sukkot BBQ to be held at Beit Shalom for the Holocaust Survivors.
  • Jan Slater of UK has joined our team as the new Adoption Director.  More on that later!
  • In the last week God gave us clear indicators of someone joining our staff with a new position.  We are very excited to see this coming together.  We will make the announcement in the next newsletter!
  • Alliances all arranged by the Almighty are happening around the Globe.  From shipping to volunteers, projects to supporters… the word is MORE!
  • New areas opening for teaching, sharing and speaking.

Check our website often for new developments!

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