Aye, I am in England and Scotland!

What a wonderful experience I have been having!  Currently I am staying in Lowick, an old village in Northumberland, Britain. Located a short distance from the Scottish border, we went to the oldest chain link bridge in the world built in 1820.   Driving over it into chain link bridge (Small)Scotland (Small)Scotland I was thrilled to see some of the old architecture like the ancient church and cemetery.

Last evening we drove over the border to share with a Scottish Prayer Group, focused on praying for Israel.   They were deeply interested to hear about the Survivors and find out prayer requests.  It was wonderful and refreshing to be welcomed and see such joy and sincerity in their prayers.  What a privilege!

English garden (Small)Today we had “tea” overlooking an English garden.  The lemon drizzle cake was unbelievably delicious!  Walking among the old restored buildings we distributed leafletsOld Manse, Lowick (Small) inviting everyone to come hear about the Survivors in the local Community Hall.  People were out with their dogs in the park, the sun was shining, bright blue sky and beautiful countryside.  We stopped in to visit the ladies in the Quilting Club and shared their scones.

In the evening we return to the home of Jan and Clare, a house filled with hospitality and a love for Israel.  Meeting their friends and prayer partners like Janet make each day special.  I thank God for them.Jan, Janet and Clare (Small)

Enjoying God’s goodness and their friendship,



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