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Personnel-We experience changes but God remains the same!

  • Yonatan has now moved on to another job outside of AHI. Per this change, his email is no longer valid– please use All work continues as before.  If you have any questions concerning Survivors, contact Nancy Kurtz 717-592-0859.
  • Susan is operating both AHI and the amuta in Israel, fulfilling administrative duties. Pray as new personnel is being trained for various positions.  Susan is available for all contacts and to answer any questions on AHI.  For all inquiries, you may email or call Susan in Israel +972-(0)54-8100-441.
  • Our two Siberian volunteers returned home after 3 months at Beit Shalom. Elena, our Elena and Galina (Small)translator during this time, is expected to return to Israel as soon as possible.  Please pray as we do the paperwork!
  • Dmitry continues his wonderful visitation work. Migdal ha Emek Ian and Grigory (Small)After meeting with the new association board of Survivors in that city we are evaluating how we can best help.
  • We are so excited! We have a new staff member who has been a great friend for many years… Sima is coming to assist in the office and with Hebrew speaking Survivors!  She will be here one day a week.  We look forward to working with her.
  • Hannah from South Africa is with us for a few more weeks, managing Beit Shalom and visiting Survivors. We have appreciated her help.
  • Brecht of Holland has returned home after loving on the Survivors with all of her heart! PTL, we will see her again this next year!
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