One Group of Survivors: In Need and NOT Forgotten!

Migdal ha Emek Ian and Grigory (Small)For several years now we have been a part of the lives of Survivors living in a city in the center of the Galilee.  When we first began visiting, sending birthday cards, having concerts or attending their meetings, their group was 107 people strong.  Three years later they have lost half of their Survivor members and they now have many widows.

We met with their new board leader, Ian (the former leader, Peter, died recently) and one board member, Grigory. In our talks we discovered AHI is the only     organization giving them any assistance.  This group of Survivors is among the poorest in Israel and we will be evaluating how to increase our Migdal ha Emek Chaya (Small)assistance to them.  In the last week we have given several Comfort Bears to the widows of those who have passed away.   Dmitry, who lives  nearby, has been a regular visitor to these special people.

As we evaluate their true and real needs, we continue to make relationship a priority.  This value of friendship became obvious when they said what is most important for them is gathering every three months to celebrate their birthdays- together.  Relationship is on the top of their list and they are a close knit community.  If you want to help these remaining Survivors you can donate with the designation  “Survivors MHE” or contact us at 717-557-5775.


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