In Memoriam: A Man to Remember

Rod, Miriam and Judy

Rod Harris and his wife Judy heard Susan speak about the Holocaust Survivors and their loneliness.  They decided to adopt a Survivor and began writing.  Faithfully writing and praying, they received a note from Miriam, their Survivor, asking “don’t you people have email?  It would be much easier!”  Totally unexpected!  Their relationship blossomed and grew into a beautiful family closeness.

Following that they came to Israel to meet Miriam and work with AHI visiting other Survivors.  They loved meeting them and Rod was in tears over their trauma.  He loved them very much.

While here Rod took on the work of creating a patio and walkway of brick at Beit Shalom.  It was beautiful, done with care and a wonderful place to sit.  We all laughed when an Egyptian Mongoose came through the yard and neither one saw the other at first.  When it came close they both turned, saw each other and both screamed.  Very funny!

Rod was a master cabinetmaker and wood craftsman besides landscaping. His talent was amazing and God’s gift.  He decided to make a special gift for Miriam and hand tooled a wooden bowl.  It was smooth like satin and he carved a Magen David on the bottom.  He always cared about the details.

On June 21 The Master Carpenter took Rod home to be with Him.  Unexpected and it left a hole in all of us.  But we are grateful for the time we had to know him and were given the gift of seeing him bless the Survivors of the Shoah.

Rod, you are missed already.

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