Beit Shalom

Next month, August, will be the end of five years at our current Beit Shalom.  We were at our first house for 5 1/2 years.  It is hard to believe Beit Shalom has been open for 10 years!  God has blessed us all so much with the tremendous work accomplished through it.  The many volunteers have also been a blessing and we could not have done this without them.  We send you all a huge “Thank you!”

Now what is next?  We are not sure but we believe the next move is God’s- literally.  We are waiting on Him for answers if we stay where we are or do we go?  Is the five years a pattern or will we stay here longer?  We often need more room so will be go larger?  Many questions with no answers- not yet.  Will you please join us in prayer for God’s direction for AHI and Beit Shalom?  Our contract is up for renewal the end of the summer.  Pray for us to follow His direction!


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