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Genesis Communication Network

gnc-logo-smallSusan was interviewed on “Bill Martinez Live” discussing the fires in Israel & the view of Israelis on president-elect Donald Trump.

Go to the link, select Nov 29, Hour 3 and download.  Time of the interview is 11:45am-12noon.


truthpr-logo-smallRuss and Jackie Jones doing marketing, PR, media management, publicist and guest placement.  AHI is represented in their guest list (click on link and scroll down) as well as many others who can give current political and humanitarian aid views.

The Middle East Report

interview-simon-barrett-uk-smallSusan was interviewed by Simon Barrett on Revelation TV, UK.  Simon showcases truth
concerning Israel and the Holocaust.  First aired on September 16th and 18th, it can now be viewed on their website:

News Reports of Israel

Below are listed several news outlets you can check for up-to-date Israeli news.  You can even get the App to put on your phone!  We used these plus others to follow the recent fires throughout Israel.  Click on the links!




The Jewish Press



The Jerusalem Post



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