What are AHI Voluteers Saying?

Those who touch Survivors tell us brecht-and-survivor-smalltheir thoughts; now you can read their words…

“They need our compassion, our hugs and our care.  They are disappearing so fast and we don’t have much time.  It helps me to keep visiting knowing it may be the last time.  Their days are  so short and they are disappearing.  They simply need to know we love them.” -Brecht, Netherlands

img_20161022_181902247-small“We had a great time visiting with the people… The Ghetto Fighter Museum was incredible.  I was there four hours and could have stayed longer.  We really  enjoyed coming to Akko  because it is so peaceful…” -Doug, USA

“I have been interested in the Holocaust for quite a while now so I was glad to be able to read your book “Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?”  I finished it and want to say it was very good.” -Beatrice, 10 yrs old, Wales

“Thank you for everything on our visit to Beit Shalom. It was a pleasure and a privilege.  Iimg_3715-small am changed.  Isn’t our God so good?  As we water others, HE waters us. Proverbs 11:25”  -Glenys, Wales


“It is such a privilege for me to work with the Survivors. When I clean their homes they are talking to me and keep saying how grateful that we can all help…”                                   -Lena, Russia/Israel

“When you come here you are changed. Volunteering with img_3832-smallHolocaust Survivors has changed me.  Others need to come here and Volunteer.” -Penny, Wales

“I thought it would be too hard for me to hear them tell their war experiences, but they are so sweet.  I love    visiting with them now.” -Sima, Israel

“There aren’t enough words, in any language, to express our img_3002-smallthankfulness for allowing us to join with you and God, with what He is doing here in Israel.” -Barb Mandley, USA

“Visiting with the Survivors, and helping them, is special. Now I have met so many people from around the world.  img_3359-smallWhen it is time to leave I don’t know how I will do it.” -Elena, Siberia

“Writing to the Survivors has become so important and is such a privilege to me.”-Hannah, South Africa

“Thank you for the work you do in providing support and care to our own precious      Holocaust Survivor!” -Laurie, UK

“We miss Israel and Akko and the Survivors so much!  We want to come back and stay to help!” -Oeds & Richt, NetherlandsOeds and Richt with new piano (Small)

“We so enjoyed our time in Israel with AHI and visiting the Survivors.  We want to come back!” – Mary, UK

“Thank you for your faithful translators so my Survivor can read my letters to him.”        – Charles, Scotland

img_20161022_162125292-small“Oh, I just want to hug the Survivors when I see them!  When we go and they just open up and love to have a visit… I just want to tell them ‘I won’t leave you!  I will stay with you!’” – Kris, USA


“My heart is full; filled with a compassion and love for the Survivors of the Holocaust… Only God could give this burden to fill their final years with unconditional love, for us to represent HaShem with our hands and our feet.  We go and evaluate what they need, give what support we can… but the love, the hugs, the care is what relieves their loneliness and fear of the future.” -Susan Heagy


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