Masks for Holocaust Survivors

In the midst of all the restrictions around the Coronavirus, we are still handing out masks to Survivors and their caretakers. The masks were donated and have been a very special help in a time of need.

For us it is a simple mask.  To the Survivors it gives them the feeling of safety.  They are very grateful and appreciative.  Another angle is the cost.  They are very happy about anything that saves them from spending more shekels!

One Survivor, Zina, has had eye operations and she needs these to protect her health.  For every trip to the hospital she must have enough masks to change and wear a fresh one.

Other Survivors have diabetes, high BP, heart problems, asthma, etc putting them in the high risk group.  Some have caretakers who need to wear masks while they work in their home.

And when the Survivors do go outside, which is not often, they are required by mandate here in Israel, to wear their mask.

We are extremely grateful to the donors who made this possible.  May God bless you!

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