Budget Line Items

Looking at the financials of any non-profit organization,  you can see listed how much and what percentage of donations are used to pay the Board members, the CEO/President, Secretaries, Directors, Bookkeepers, etc.

AHI is an unusual organization. Our AHI Board, President, Adoption Director, Bookkeeper, and other essential workers are paid $0 / 0%!  We are all volunteer. Please understand:   None of your donations go to us.  We do not receive salaries. We do this from our heart.

However, we do pledge that 100% of donations designated for Survivors is used for them. No administrative fees.  Plus more, if available, is added from unspecified donation amounts.

However, there are always operating costs.  We cannot get around that. Ever wonder what actions your donations to AHI support?  Below are a few line items from our budget.

1. Vehicle:

Used to take Survivors to doctors and hospital appointments, transport translators for visits, deliver gifts, flowers, letters, meetings with Survivor associations, meet social workers and do errands for Survivors, etc

Currently without a car since January 2020; rental costs $1000/mo for June and July.

Current fundraising for minimum of $6000 for a car, (vehicle must have trunk space for a wheelchair).

2. Birthday flowers:  

Flowers are currently delivered by our staff in Akko.  In addition flowers are delivered by Survivor Association committee members in Arad and Migdal ha Emek.

Flowers are $10 for one bouquet (discount for us)

Total $3980/year

3. Cards & letters by post to Survivors:

Birthday, anniversary, get well cards are sent to Survivors and their spouses, and these handmade cards are provided to AHI free by Adopters.  These cards go to Survivors all over Israel.  We send well over 1000 cards and about 500 letters each year.

Envelopes that we purchase for cards and letters, about $115/year

Postage $3190/ year. (Does NOT include packages)

4. Translators:

We have one full time translator and one part time.

Professional translators $36/hr and more.                                                                       Minimum wage $8/hr.

AHI pays our translators $14.50/hr. 

Full time (30 hrs wk) $1740/mo 

Part time (3-6 hrs wk) $332/mo

Total  $26,605/per year

5. Paper & Printer Ink:

We print a lot of letter translations and photos sent by Adopters.

Total is $1110 / year.

Without including #1, here is the total for four line items on our budget.

Items #1-4 total $35,000 for one year.

Did you ever think about what it costs for the basics to bless these Holocaust Survivors?

We are extremely grateful to every one of you who have kept us supplied to accomplish these actions for our Survivors!  Please pray for our financial needs to be met. Prayer is no cost, but great value!

We will continue as we are able, until the Survivors’ years come to a close.

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