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AHI is in desperate need of a vehicle in Israel. The van we have been using?  The right wheel snapped and it is no longer usable.  Susan Heagy has been driving the Survivors all these years and now it needs replaced..  How did we use it?

  • take Survivors to doctor appointments
  • deliver birthday flowers, your letters and gifts
  • visit Survivors, hear and record their war histories
  • To assist Survivors with social services, caretakers and choosing a nursing home
  • reduce the costs to Survivors of taxis
  • to travel from Akko to Arad, Migdal ha Emek, Nahariya, and other cities, to visit Survivors and attend their gatherings.

The suggested donation for Survivor adoption is $18 a month.  Why $18?  In Jewish culture, 18 is the symbol of life, “Chaim!”  Donations and gifts are given in multiplies of 18, to symbolically give “Life!” to the recipient.

Currently your Survivor donation of $18 is used for postage, flowers, gifts, repairs, new appliances, taxi fare for hospital trips and many miscellaneous needs.

To those who are giving already, we thank you!!  Some of you give above the $18 and it is extremely appreciated! If you have not yet given monthly, would you please consider doing so?

For the purchase of a vehicle we are seeking funds beyond the Survivor costs.  If you can make a one-time gift for a car we would appreciate it.

But if you cannot, here is how you can help!

1. Ask your friends, relatives, co-workers for $18 towards this project.  Five givers would be almost $100!  You can show them this newsletter and it is tax deductible.

2. Do you have social media?  Please consider posting on your page about our desperate need.  Donating online is simple; give them this link

3. Pray and ask the Lord to give you a gift above your normal income; and when He does, you can bless the Survivors!

AHI is a volunteer organization and we are made up of people who bless the Survivors.  There are many more who can be part of the solution- we just have to spread the word!  Please help us!

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