Let’s Talk Specifics

Adopting A Survivor

Adopter donation per Survivor – $18 / month

AHI cost per Survivor: $18-$350 / month


  • Birthday & holiday cards
  • deliver Birthday Flowers
  • Comfort Bear with death of a spouse
  • concerts in hostels
  • private concerts in homes of those who can no longer leave their homes
  • events like Marketplace or games
  • visits with volunteers
  • visiting with Adopters (by prior arrangement)
  • services like pedicures, massage, haircuts, makeup
  • new program with Vets of Hope where veterans visit with Survivors
  • cleaning homes
  • advocate to accompany them to the doctor or hospital
  • transportation to funeral or grave of relative
  • purchase groceries
  • renovations in their home
  • whatever else comes up!
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