They Survived the Holocaust…


Bernard is from Romania.  During the war he was separated from his family and placed in an orphanage.  When the war ended he came on a ship to Israel but was taken by the British to Cypress. He was there for a time and eventually taken to Atlit, a detention center on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, used by the British.

When he was released from Atlit, Bernard was put into an orphanage.  He was 13 years old.  While there his mother suddenly showed up!  She had tracked where he went, found out he was in Israel, and came there too.  After that they moved to Akko and he has been there ever since.

During the war for independence in 1948 Bernard helped the soldiers fighting the war.  Delivering notes or information from one to the other, cooking and serving meals, whatever odd jobs they needed he was there to help.

Later on, as he was old enough to fight, he joined the IDF and fought in the next war.  He married and settled in Akko, had children and grandchildren.  He maintains his health and stays strong.

Recently his wife suddenly died.  We took him a Comfort Bear, a small bear dressed in a lacy old fashioned wedding gown.  He held it, hugged it and then sat it beside her portrait.

Bernard has graciously agreed to give his entire experiences in the war and we will be returning for another visit.


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