Let’s Talk Specifics: Cost of Serving Survivors

Want to know the nuts & bolts?  This is the first in a series giving logistics and costs of how AHI uses your gifts and donations and volunteer time to accomplish our work.  This newsletter issue presents a portion of the actual work with the Holocaust Survivors.  More next month!

Please consider if God would have you cover either the full or partial costs for one of these needs on a monthly or yearly basis.

Visiting Survivors – Monthly costs

Translators: $2,100/month average.


  • A desperate need for those who serve but do not have the languages.

Transportation:  $1500/month 

  • Van, bus, taxi, train – depending on where Volunteers are going to serve Survivors.  In March we will be in Akko, Migdal ha Emek, Arad, Kiryat Yam, Kiryat Bialik, Haifa…
  • Taxi within city, $4.5-$6 /ride
  • Taxi to hospital or other city, $60 roundtrip
  • Bus per person, $2-$30 /ride depending on destination
  • Train per person $5-$30 one way depending on destination
  • Van, depending on distance- $120/full tank (gas here is $8.00/gallon)
  • Van, rental and insurance – $970/month
  • Walking, also call
  • ed ‘Bus 11’, is free!


Birthday Flowers: $1200/month

  • Cost per bouquet, $10.00 each
  • See cost of transportation for pick up at flower shop and delivery
  • Flowers currently are given in 3 cities; lack of volunteers are needed to expand delivery

    Birthday flowers!

  • One city has delivery from the flower shop at an additional cost of $2/each

Birthday Cards: $200/month

  • Currently mailing Birthday and Anniversary cards to approximately 1200 Survivors
  • Cost of cards is equivalent to cost of ink, paper and envelopes.  Custom made cards by staff in Israel includes all the languages we serve.  Approximately 50 cents each
  • Russian cards for 2018 have been supplied by a volunteer.
  • Postage for average 100 cards/month-$75
  • Prepare cards, maintain list of 1200 names, spreadsheet and address labels, in 20 cities, process cards returned due to moving and death, timely delivery- cost in time is priceless.

Events: $2000/month

  • Concerts, free music by volunteers; sometimes we must pay musicians; free in-home music for Survivors not able to leave their homes
  • Marketplace, games, performances, Annual Sukkot BBQ for Survivors
  • International Women’s Day flower give away
  • Veterans candy giveaway
  • Door prizes, gifts for special occasions
  • Refreshments for all events

Home Renovations: $2500/month

  • Evaluate Survivor homes for repairs, painting, renewal, etc
  • Replace and renovate where needed
  • Past renovations include new kitchens, new bathtub, shower, sink or toilet, wall repair, plumbing and electrical, appliances

Survivor Personal Needs: $2300/month

  • Megavoice- Old Testament or Psalms/Proverbs on a solar battery audible unit, in their language, to provide Tanach for the Survivors who have difficulty reading – $45/each
  • Hired 1 cleaning woman to clean apartments once a month for Survivors who are alone and need help- $500/mo
  • Medical equipment such as canes, walkers or wheelchairs – provided through organizations in Israel plus our funding
  • Chair Assist, electric powered, to help Survivor to stand- provided by an Adoptive family; we transport to Survivors in need
  • Quilts, handmade, for our Heirloom Project, to help them begin again the heritage of giving handmade quilts to children and grandchildren.  Cost of shipping $50/each
  • Eyeglasses, prescription – Avg $500/each
  • Eyeglass clinics, giving glasses for reading or distance – donation to sponsors by AHI, free for Survivors
  • Volunteers to do errands, grocery shopping, cleaning

Next month we will present the logistics and cost of another aspect of AHI!

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