Beit Shalom Community Center

Definition of the word “vision”:

Vision: noun; The act or power of seeing; a thought, concept; a revelation; unusual discernment or foresight.

The Vision for Beit Shalom Community Center is far reaching:

The activities of AHI take place in the homes of Survivors, giving them the love and care they need for their daily lives.  Some need more than others and we evaluate who needs what services and when.

HOW can this become real?

In our last newsletter we talked about a building in Akko to purchase, built almost to our specifications.  We prayed and began collecting the funding.  Then we received word that someone bought it before we could.  It was hard to fathom as it seemed the Lord was leading us to this place.

How do we go forward? What could we stand on now?  His Word and His Vision for His People.  We realize His Vision is what stands, not the building.  The Lord is the One who chooses and Plans and we have chosen to continue on the path He opened, waiting to see where He has in mind.  We are praying, seeking, and waiting on His instructions.  Already we are seeing possibilities, but that is for another newsletter…

Standing on the Vision for Beit Shalom Community Center, presented here is our expansion of purpose.

Housing for Survivors who have no family:

  • Loneliness is a big factor in depression which can lead to illness
  • The inability to perform simple tasks in their home, not eligible for a caretaker provided by the government; volunteers nearby to help
  • Private quarters will give them independence in the fullest sense possible
  • Living in the same vicinity of volunteers and guests will provide constant companionship when they desire, able to retreat to their room for rest
  • A reduced cost of living for those Survivors who cannot really afford rent

Lodging for Volunteers:

  • Reduced cost for Volunteers from around the world to come and assist Survivors
  • Chance for Volunteers to learn firsthand about the Holocaust and those who Survived
  • Time off for Volunteers to tour Israel

Lodging for Guests & Tour Groups:

  • What better way to learn about Israel than to meet Survivors of the Holocaust?
  • At the same time, the room rentals will support Beit Shalom Community Center and allow the work for the Survivors to continue
  • Reduced costs for Guests and Tour Groups makes touring Israel more affordable



AHI Offices:

  • Currently AHI works out of one office.  Desks, printers, file cabinets are crowded in with the supply cabinets of gifts, items to assist Survivors, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Having expanded facilities will also allow for staff to work more efficiently

Distribution Room/Area:

  • AHI believes in working together with other organizations.  But for us to receive the items from other groups, or do a distribution together, we need a room for storage.
  • Having a Distribution Area would allow for Survivors who are mobile to come to us
  • This would also allow for small groups who wish to distribute to Survivors and/or the elderly, but have no place, we could help them

Kitchen Facilities:

  • Though the Survivors will have their own kitchen facilities, we would like to make it an option for them to eat prepared meals locally.
  • For a nominal fee the Volunteers, Guests and Tour Groups could also eat there.

Event Room / Dining Room Combination:

  • If we are to serve any meals, a dining room would be necessary
  • In addition we intend to provide music, lectures, celebrations on campus for the Survivors living there as well as those in the area.
  • The Survivors in Akko are in need of a club for gathering and could use this room
  • Combining these two activities would be cost saving


Several faithful Believers have already given seeds to make this project grow.  We are going forward.  Will you be a part of this gift to Survivors before it is too late?

Please consider being on the ground floor of this work.  Plant your seed in Israel.


Designate  your gift to BSCC (Beit Shalom Community Center)  May God bless your seed with Abundant Growth!

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