Music for Survivors – A Gift from God

Paul and Linda have been here before.  They met some Survivors last time and have now returned.  In the days of their time with AHI they have been playing music for the Survivors. Giving concerts, bringing music to an elderly house and while strolling through the halls of a hostel.  But especially while visiting Survivors who can no longer leave their homes.

It is a wonderful way to bless the Holocaust Survivors!  But the details are what brought us tears of mixed emotions, sadness and joy.

Bringing relief of depression with music for a blind Survivor.  After the music he asked Paul to pray for his eyes, to be able to see again.

Tears of a Survivor when they played music for her in their home.  She said many people had come to hear her war accounts but not one person before this had brought music just for her.

Playing music in a hostel for elderly. The managers were so pleased they invited us for coffee, cookies and chocolate! 

Then they played in an elderly house for Purim and got into the spirit of it with dress up!  We also visited the home of a 90+ year old former president of the Survivor Association and his wife.  They will soon be married 70 years!

What a difference they made in the lives of each lonely Holocaust Survivor.  Thank you Paul and Linda!

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