Passing the Baton

For the past several years we have been blessed and privileged to have Del and Jean Hansen as our USA Administrators.  They have cared for volunteers, finances, participated in Board discussions, handled communications, promoted AHI, plus anything else we could think of for them to do!

passing the baton (Small)We are extremely grateful to Del and Jean who have devoted themselves to this vital part of AHI.  Over the next few months Del and Jean will be stepping into new areas and passing on their current duties to new administration. Though stepping out from one part, Del will continue on the AHI Board.

This spring they will be managing Beit Shalom in Israel during April and May.  It would be a good time for volunteers to come and assist, and serve with two special people.

Now welcome Tina Bolinger who will be assisting as transition advisor for AHI.   Tina has administrative experience, composes her own music, produced a CD and leads with anointed worship.  You can go to her website to learn more.  Dedicated to Israel, Tina will assist with advice and wisdom to help with the transition in various departments.

New positions are being created and new personnel will carry out the required needs.  The baton will now be passed to more team members.  If God is calling you to join us, please contact us and let us know.  Our team consists of people worldwide.  Come join us!

Please pray for Del and Jean as they go through this changeover.  Pray for Tina for wisdom as she gives us direction.   They will need protection from the enemy, sharp minds, creativity, and God’s Blessing.



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