A Deeply Moved Volunteer

Blessings Susan,

I trust all is well.   I am going to give this my best on what has all come to my heart during my time in Israel.  I’ve truly come to understand “minister by actions not words.” Actions are real, God wants real. What all HaShem has shown me about anti-Semitism was overwhelming. God instructed me a long time ago to not proclaim I am Christian, now I understand why. I knew nothing about the statements by John Chrysostom and Martin Luther King in regards to their [Jews] worth. Susan, honestly this is just a little of what God revealed to me. He made sure I understood many things before my first visit. I am still trying to comprehend it all. It came as wave upon wave.

Working with Yonatan and Ayana was exciting. I saw zeal for the Lord and His ways. I honestly have not seen such a situation so controlled by God. The peace in the house was Dove (Small)such a blessing, the prayer time in the morning for the survivors and their needs, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

My first experience with Tita and family was amazing. The sense of when they come to trust someone.  The reason God took me to Israel was evident, the need of repairs and many there be. I developed a need to know what continues to be done in their lives, so I don’t just pass through their lives.  They are a part of me, family in Messiah. 

 I would not have believed it had I not seen how their hearts, even through all the oppression, have remained tender and loving.  I understand there is some that do not want troubled, but there also are some who had us pray with them.

 In observation I watch the people of Israel in general. Life doesn’t pass them by, but distraction they dismiss. Yes Genesis 16 is accurate in what takes place in some given areas, but I felt harmony in the social setting, not a fear based environment such as the US is becoming.

 I hope and trust I retain all that God has revealed to me, my mind is weary and heart is troubled with the full scope of things. It is nice to know the Reparations Agreement between Israel and West Germany is in place for aiding them to recover this tragedy. Also how they put in place that the children must be educated on the Holocaust. If America really knew the truth it would shake the very foundation of Christianity.  Susan, I must be honest and hope HaShem will use me there again.  I value them as God values you in Abundant Hope International. All glory be to God.

Shalom, Rich

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