The Future of Beit Shalom

To all of you who have been following our reporting on the future of Beit Shalom, and praying– a hearty Thank You!

impossible star of david (Small)As we have been daily asking the Lord for direction it seems clear we will not be staying in our current location long term. We do have the offer to renew our rent agreement for another year but we are asking God, “What do YOU want us to do?”  Our morning prayer is always seeking for God’s Heart in our work. He has always answered.  We are expectantly praying now!

So far we feel we may be leaning towards funding a location giving us more room.  Our volunteer teams fill up our current bedroom  capacity quickly and we are limited on the number of Survivors in our living room or dining table.

Our vision has always been to have a building with more room and an area for Survivor events- something ‘like’ a small hotel.  This would allow us to do much more for the Survivors, bring in more volunteers both short and long term, allow for guest quarters and bring Survivors to live with us!  Very important, we need permanent offices to expand our assistance.  A step like this would also help our Israeli amuta to be self-sufficient.  Such a project would  involve others like you– those whom God sends to establish His House of Peace!  Please pray how you can help!

We will keep you updated as we are searching the area and our options.  There are wonderful benefits that would come of a place with more room, so stay with us.  Updates and information will be coming!  Meanwhile, please pray for the favor of God in our search for THE building God has for us!

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