Music Speaks Every Language

I am here to tell you a story.   It is how God speaks to hearts to fulfill His work, but not usually the way we think it will go…

May 2016 renovation crew (Small)

Walter, Bruce, Ricky, Oeds, Jerry, BJ

A man named Walter planned a volunteer trip to Israel.  Not long before the trip was to take place, David McClintock, concert pianist, signed to come and play for the Survivors.  He contacted his friend Jerry, to help with the renovations.  Jerry also played the piano. Jerry decided to come too, but earlier, and spend the whole month in Israel.

Already at Beit Shalom were a couple from The Netherlands on a repeat visit.  Richt came to do medical pedicures and Oeds was set to work on renovating homes of Survivors.  A great team was shaping up.  One thing we needed was an electric piano.

AHI  decided to purchase it for Beit  Shalom and any pianist to play for the Survivors. Preparing to go to the music store, Oeds and Richt surprised us and gave 4200 nis,
donations collected in The Netherlands.  Jerry and I chose an electric piano and Oeds and Richt with new piano (Small)amazingly, the bench, stand and piano totaled exactly 4200nis!

Then, right before the full crew came,  David became very ill and could not join us.  The rest came and we had an all male renovation crew, but lost our pianist.  Or did we…?  Did I mention Jerry could play the piano?

Renovations were made in several homes, some small and some major!  But the last few days, Jerry has been carrying the piano into Survivors homes and playing for Survivors. Many Survivors live at the top of a four floor walk-up so it is not easy, especially in the heat!

We came to Yehudite and while Jerry was setting up the piano she said,

Auschwitz prisoner orchestra (Small)


“When I was in Auschwitz Hitler took away our music.  Since then I cannot understand or enjoy it.” 


But when the piano music began, she sat back with a smile, and relaxed.

The Survivor’s have wept tears, patting their heart, thanking us in Russian,  Yiddish, French and many other languages!  Though the men could not speak to them in their own language, they could easily communicate through hugs, tears and music.

David could not come THIS time but he invited his friend who filled in when God knew what was coming.  Each person who came has found God’s heart through their service.

Todah rabah Abba!  Thank you Father for your gift of music!


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