Does a Bit of Paint and Renovation Make a Difference?

* Valentina’s husband has Alzheimers and is in an elderly house.  She no longer had a man20160518_080524_HDR (Small) to fix the hBJ and Rick painting outside grilleadboard,   repair the walls or paint the grills. Every man on the team had a turn to work on her apartment.  She gave them treats and coffee and hugs.  Big smiles
and words of thanks greeted them and wished them goodbye.


* A phone call earlier this year asked the question: “Can your volunteers take out a old bathtub old 50's tub (Small)and put in a shower?”  At that time we could not.  But our current crew included two contractors and we said, “Yes, we can do it!”  It was a challenge for these men using tools in Israel and stores to shop. It was ‘not quite the same’ here in Israel. Beginning with a sledge hammer to break up the cast iron tub they discovered the drain was at the opposite end from the faucet which changed the whole game plan!  We searched for and shower base (Small)found a full size shower base the same size as the tub- thank you God!  They they installed the shower base, tile, concrete board, found a tile cutter, grout and then the final of putting the faucet in– whoops!  Call the plumber!  A small unexpected leak but in the end– it is a beautiful shower for a Survivor who could no longer get  into the tub, plus a shower chair!  Rahel and her daughter are amazed and grateful.  There is now a bond that has formed between Jerry, Oeds and Rick who made the transformation and Rahel and her daughter Sophia loved on them every day they were there!  As soon as we have the actual before and after pictures, we will share them on Facebook!

* Michael has gangrene on both of his legs.  His health is failing.  Yet this man, when Oeds 20160519_031552_HDR (Small)and Richt first came to see him, with hospitality he offered them drinks and food. Through this visit he asked us to fix a small area of the ceiling dark with mold.  Every day he sat in a chair with his legs propped up, staring at that spot and unable to do  anything about it.

First, Richt and Oeds gave him the gift of an electric lift chair to help him stand or lie flat.  Next the AHI team went in and simultaneously fixed the ceiling and gave him a piano concert!Jerry playing - small  Michael placed his hand on his heart in gratitude and kissed the men on the cheek as thanks.  There were no dry eyes as they left.


* David, 87 years old, since his wife died a few years ago seems to have lost the joy in his life.  He was always filled with laughter and smiles, but these days he seems like a shell of the man we knew.  Richt gave him a pedicure and he was so relaxed, he fell asleep!  We offered repairs but his daughter said they did not need anything.  So we came back with music; that was the renovation for which David’s heart was ready.  Jerry began to play and David began to cry.  He cried and sobbed for all the hurt that was inside.  We sat with him and held him and he cried more.  When the music ended, David had a little smile.  He looked at Jerry, and gave him a thumbs up.  His daughter was crying and we were in tears as well.  We left with our hearts full.

Over the days of work and music, we received phone calls expressing gratitude.  Even the bathroom renovation has gone ‘viral’ in this part of Israel.  Someone from Nazareth told me they heard of the new shower in the Kryot!  Happy hearts blessed by the work of our hands through the love of HaShem, make for healed hearts.

Did serving them make a difference? 

YES!  In both in the Survivors and in those who came to Serve.  Come join us here in Israel.  Volunteer and dare to make a difference.    Contact us at or USA 1-717-557-5775, Israel +972-54-8100-441


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