Where in the World is Susan?!

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Aug 3        7-9pm    

An Evening with Susan                                                                                                        

Rehoboth Congregation,  3504 NE 49th St, Vancouver, WA                                       For info: 360-695-2900


Yovel Jubilee,  11 am-5pm  

Esther Short Park ,  Rehoboth Congregation                                                                   For info: 360-695-2900

  23         London, UK          

Middle East Report interview, Simon Barrett,                                                                 Revelation TV, London, UK


Father’s House Summer Gathering, Rowley’s Park,                                                       Evans Way, Shotton, Deeside CH5 1QJ  North Wales                                                   For info: 01244 823 378

Aug 30-Sep 2                        

Newport, South Wales        Phil and Bren Lewis 

Sep 3-6                                    

Belfast, Ireland (tentative)

Sep – Oct                                   Israel    

October 22                              

Sukkot BBQ for Survivors, Beit Shalom, Israel


US speaking & book tour TX,TN & PA

Nov 13                                        

Israel Festival of Memphis, TN   Susan will attend

December       Israel

To have Susan come speak of the Survivors, about Israel & introduce her new book “Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?”…

Call 717-557-5775, 717-542-8810 (after Jul 20) or email  susanh@ahi-il.org;
to call Susan in Israel:   +972-54-8100-441

Recent updates?  Check the calendar online www.ahi-il.org


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