Did You Know…?

… Nazis were not the only people groups who murdered the Jews during WWII?

In the village of Mirapol, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine on October 13, 1941, a massacre took place.  In a local park, 94 residents of the village were shot, including 49 children. This picture shows a Jewish mother and her child being murdered.

The picture was taken by a soldier of the Slovak Army, Lyubomir Shkvorina.  His commander, Khruska, ordered him and two other soldiers to be present for the mass execution of the Jews in Mirapol’s park.

The killers were local Ukrainians.  According to the evidence presented by Shkvorina, the killers knew their victims.

Credit “Russia Friends” on Facebook

[This type of massacre occurred throughout parts of Europe during WWII with local residents/former neighbors as killers of the Jewish population. – editor]

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