They Survived the Holocaust…

~ Peter ~

Peter was evacuated from Kiev to Ufa Zafon with his family of mother, grandmother and brother.  They suffered from malnutrition and were eating the bark off trees, the wood resin and rotten leaves of cabbages.  His brother was older than him and died of TB at the age of 14.  Peter started school in Ufa but they could not find a place to live.  They returned home from evacuation when he was 7 years old.

Peter has been widowed twice.  His first wife died in Kiev. Their son was injured in the Soviet Army at age 18 and is disabled. Peter remarried and they all came to Israel in 1993.  They purchased an apartment in Akko and soon afterward his 2nd wife passed away.

His son lives in a group home for disabled in a different city and has a job there.

Peter was an electric engineer in Ukraine and worked for the city electric transportation system.  He moved to Israel when he was 59 years old.  He obtained jobs as a builder and security guard, working until he was 62 years old.

Peter lives alone now and has a part time caretaker.  He recently had a stroke but remains positive.  He stays in touch with other family members through his computer and tells us he is grateful for our care and assistance.

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