“Justice for Generations”: Complete!

AHI logo 2014 (Small)For many years we have planned to bring the work done by AHI volunteers OUTSIDE of Israel, INTO Israel.  It is happening NOW!!

The actual Survivor Adoptions begun in 2004 originally were done by Susan, wherever she was!  Then Susan and Nancy formed the Program as it is today.  Nancy took over as Adoption Director in the USA and served in that capacity for over 8 years.  In Oct 2014 the stewardship of the assignments and contacts were handled by Jan of UK.

Similar for the translations: Susan facilitated the translations with some helpers,  from 2004 into 2014.  In the fall Jan took that task on as well.

Though we expected the latest changes to last for some time, we did not foresee the long planned transition to Israel to come so quickly, but they suddenly began to fall into place!  Isn’t that just like God?  He is the God of NOW!

This brings new development…

We have a new season of shifting responsibilities from AHI only to the new amuta under the directorship of Yonatan, who also serves as our AHI Administrator.  AHI will work with and support him and the amuta in this endeavor.

This change affects almost every part and most people in AHI.  In particular, this change drastically reduces the former duties of the Adoption Director.

  • Survivor adoptions will be assigned in Israel
  • Translation of letters will be overseen in Israel
  • Contact with the Adopters will be distributed among those in the regions of the Adopters.

As a result of these duties being distributed to others, the position of Adoption Director was almost drastically reduced.  Following this change, Jan stepped down from her supervisory position.  A new team of Regional Coordinators is being prepared to stay in touch with the Adopters.  All activities of letter translation and updates, information from AHI remains the same, coming directly from AHI staff.

For letter translations there is no change:  letters@ahi-il.org continues as the letter translation location, being taken over by the amuta.

We at AHI thank Jan for her diligence in assigning Survivors, making sure Adopter letters were translated and her care of both the Survivors and the Adopters.   She demonstrated a love for all and made them feel welcome.

All adopters will soon have new Regional Coordinators and receive information from the Adoption Leadership Team.  You can still get information and help at adopt@ahi-il.org .  Nancy Kurtz, a Board member for many years, has continued overseeing all aspects as the Adoption Program Director.  She is now working with Yonatan to complete the transition of the Survivor Program duties.  She will also work with him to ensure all Adopters receive their information after Yonatan has completed the assignments.  All new Regional Coordinators will work with Nancy to ensure the Adopters are well cared for.  Because of these changes, next comes…

Your Part!

The Survivors and Adopters [AHI] needs you!  As we make changes to allow for an expansion of the number of   Adopters, we are opening this opportunity up to you.  We have always been an organization of volunteers.  Whether you are an Adopter, or just someone who would like to help the Survivors right from your home, please consider to volunteer as a Regional Adopter Coordinator (RAC):

  • Once a month encourage Adopters to write to their Survivor
  • Volunteer from your home, on your own schedule; perfect if you are retired.
  • Work with the AHI Adoption leadership in the USA and Israel
  • All contact would be by telephone, group email or by post- your choice!
  • Be an active part of the Survivor program and receive incredible blessings!

We already have two new Regional Adopter Coordinators but are looking for more.  Many hands make light work. To join and volunteer with us, please email adopt@ahi-il.org with RAC in the subject line.  Or you can call 717-592-0859.

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