Connected to the Root

We once had the privilege to visit a Holocaust Survivor who had a huge grape vine which grew to his second story porch roof. Covering his entire porch, the vine was heavy with huge bunches of grapes. Picking a few of them he filled a 5 gallon bucket for us to take home. It barely made a dent in his harvest. I asked him how often he had to water the vine to keep it healthy. What he said has stayed with me for years…

   “There is no need for us to water a grape vine. You see, the root of the vine, which  supports the branches, goes deep into the earth until it finds living water. It stays connected to that underground spring of live and clear water,  feeding the branches from the Source.”

What a picture we have when we consider the grape vine created by the  Almighty I am the vine (Small)Elohim. The Meshach (our root) stays connected to His Father,   HaShem, in order to feed the branches (the Jewish people). How kind and merciful of Him to allow us to be part of the branches too! Even more, when connected, look at the fruit, the harvest that can come forth!

For three years we have nurtured and waited for our own grape vine to produce, wondering if it was beyond help.

Beit Shalom grapes (Small)This year, our harvest finally came in!


NOW is the time! NOW it is time for us to step out, take hold and fulfill the heart of God to give love without conditions, just as He does.     The Holocaust Survivors have few years left. Help us bring them to Beit Shalom for blessings and honor. If we do not do it now, it will be too late…

Seeking to fulfill God’s Plan,



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