They Fear Being Forgotten… Again

Survivor behind barbed wire (Small)When someone adopts a Survivor we ask for three things:

1. Pray for your Survivor

2. Support them each month for $18 (18 stands for “Life!”) if possible

3. Write your Survivor a short note once a month

All three are ways to REMEMBER the Survivors.  Writing is the tangible way they know you do not forget them.

Please, adopt a Survivor.  They need you.  You can be the difference in their lives.

And when you adopt a Survivor, REMEMBER them and write or send a card each month. When we visit the Survivors who receive letters they are eager to share them with us.  Big smiles as they tell us,  “I received a letter from my friend in another country!”

For them the worst is to be forgotten so please adopt them, write to them and help us keep them and their memories alive…

Call Nancy Kurtz,  USA 717-542-8810 or email

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