Beit Shalom: What’s Next?

As a recap:

The house we have been renting for the last three years is up for sale.  We expressed interest Beit Shalom 11 (Custom)in buying it as the location is excellent for visiting Survivors.  The owners agreed to one price, then five days later increased it drastically beyond the appraised value.

In May:

Susan is returning to Israel and will meet with the owners to see if they are willing to lower their price to a reasonable amount.  If not, we will be looking for a new location.

Two Needs:

  1. Everyone knows you cannot purchase a house without money.  We are asking for investors to help us do just that.  Renting means moving every few years which is difficult for the work with the Survivors.Please!  Invest in a house for AHI; tell your friends about AHI and the Survivors and ask others to help!  Your gift of $25 or $2500 – it all adds up!

    Our target is $250,000.  We have an offer to match it so we can go house hunting.  Please help!  Go here to donate – specify your gift is for Beit Shalom.

    Get together with your friends and raise $1000!  Each group that does this will help us reach our goal.

  2. Please pray for and with us for God’s direction.  If we are to stay, He will change hearts Prayer (Small)and minds.  If we are to move, we move and look forward to what the Lord has next for us!   We leave this all in God’s Hands and are fully comfortable with that.

“…in You they trusted and were not disappointed.” Psalm 22:5

What a good word for us all!!

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