How Prayer Can Change Lives

Almost ten years ago we met a man by the name of Abraham.  He is a Russian man born in China.  His parents had run from the Bolshevik revolution and lived in Harbin, China.  Eventually they all returned to Russia.

Abraham became our translator (Russian/English) and a very good friend.  Susan and Abraham have a friendship that is close.  Last year at the age of 92 we realized Abraham would benefit by entering an elderly house so we helped him move.  He began well but then his health began to decline. We were growing more concerned and turned to prayer, asking others also to pray for this precious man.

Then God did something unexpected.  We prayed for his health, but the Lord gave him a companion.  Her name is Dina.  She is only 80 years old so we tease him that she is too young for him.  He is like a younger man, sharp enough to win at chess, lively enough to continue his exercises and still witty and funny with his jokes and teasing.

These days they are almost inseparable.  Both residents in the same elderly house they spend every day together.  Since their birthdays were only days apart they celebrated them at the same time.  Here you can see them dancing- yes, Abraham is dancing!

We wanted to thank Dina’s family for the change in Abraham, but they came to thank us for the change in their grandmother!  It is a real pleasure to see the special love God has given them in their latter years.

Our prayers were answered, just not in the form we expected.  But isn’t that just like God?  He knows what is best for us and even likes to surprise us with good things, like any father would.  What a wonderful blessing!


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