A Humbling Experience

Today I had the privilege to share about the Holocaust Survivors with 430 high school students at Lexington Christian Academy in Lexington, KY.  I have spoken at other schools, both public and private, and love the opportunity to bring them a new perspective of past history with present day players.

The students were well mannered, very interested and open to hear something new.  I was jews in hiding (Small)thrilled to tell them what I have experienced with the actual people from a time of horror and trauma, the Holocaust of WWII.

But today there was a bonus- for the students, faculty and for me.  We were privileged to meet and hear from a Righteous Gentile from Holland.  She came to hear about the Survivors in Israel.  Her parents, she and her siblings were part of hiding Jews from 1942 until 1945.  They saved a number of lives.  She has been recognized in Yad Vashem in Israel with a plaque.  She had a sweet and humble spirit.

But she had something to say after the assembly that took me by surprise.  I travel wherever I can to tell others what the Survivors share with us.  And I asked if she has the war accounts of her family written down as I was interested in hearing more.  She said she has always given people who asked just a few words of confirmation of their activities saving the Jews from the Nazis.  But until today, and hearing of the Survivor stories, she said,

“It did not occur to me until today that I have never shared the entire story of how we hid the Jews, where they came from or went, how my parents began this work… I just never thought of sharing this with others, to educate the young people of our past.  Now, I will contact my brother and get it all written down!  I will give my testimony to be shared!”

As time seems to move faster and faster, as the Survivors and the various participants in WWII age and die, it is more important than ever for us to get the accounts and history straight from those who experienced it.

Today, just by spreading the word to those in high school and hope to inspire them to visit Israel or other countries, this action inadvertently stirred someone to share her personal observations from over 70 years ago.

When this family in Holland’s testimony is complete, I have received permission to place it on our website.  I want to share this very special family’s willingness to give of themselves, face danger or possible death, to save Jewish lives with you.

However we can give you information, education, personal testimonies and understanding of the Holocaust, it is my passion to do so.

Time is running out; the Survivors and those who have observed from different angles of the war will soon be gone.   I would encourage everyone to visit your local Jewish Community Center and learn more of the Survivors in your area.  Get all you can now, before the hourglass is empty and your opportunities are gone.

Coming with a Passion for His People,


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