“…and Yet to Come.”

The future of AHI depends on several things.

1. Following God’s Plan

2. Funding of God’s Plan

3. Volunteers to Fulfill God’s Plan

4. Prayer to support God’s Plan

Our current work is continuing as from the beginning, but the circumstances of the Survivors are changing.  We need to adjust to their needs. What does that mean?

The population of Holocaust Survivors in Israel numbers approximately 200,000.  It fluctuates as some die and more make Aliyah or admit their status.  As this unique group of people are aging, their needs change and personal assistance is more in demand.  The years between onset of Alzheimers or physical incapacity can be long and fraught with tales of horror.  Trapped in a past filled with nightmares as they relive the Holocaust; or trapped in a body that no longer cooperates, leaving them hours and days with inadequate help.

Both of these situations create overwhelming loneliness and fear from the past.  Many have no families and limited resources.  We want to help.


  • Honoring Survivors with birthday flowers, cards, music, special events, personal services such as pedicure
  • Sukkot BBQ in Akko
  • Heirloom Quilts
  • Transportation to doctor, hospital or special medical appointments
  • Advocating for in-home caretakers and medical equipment
  • Providing needs in their homes (footstools, special chairs, shawls, wheelchair bags, etc)
  • Renovations and repairs in their homes
  • Special events and music
  • Visits with volunteers
  • Voluntours giving volunteers time with Survivors and tour Israel


  • Safe, affordable and comfortable housing in one location- Beit Shalom Community Center. Partnering with the city of Akko for land and partnering with like-minded people to provide a center with bomb safe homes, clinic, dining and volunteer lodging
  • Purchase of a property to be a main campus for AHI office, Survivor supplies
  • Survivor Survival Packs to be assembled and delivered by IDF soldiers
  • Provide trained and compassionate in-home caretakers.  Caretakers currently provided through government and private agencies receive no training or background checks.  It is up to the social services to approve assistance.  Survivors receive 9.5 hours a week of assistance, even if they are legally blind or unable to care for themselves.  It is a great need and we want to help solve this problem
  • Increase transportation plus an advocate/assistant for each Survivor who needs to get to a doctor.  This would require another van or car.
  • Hire staff made up of Israeli citizens for constancy with translation and assistance.
  • Bring in the IDF soldiers to provide visitation and advocates through their own community service program

We have amazing possibilities to bless the Holocaust Survivors while we can, before it is too late.  But we need those who are willing and those who can help make it happen.  Please pray for God to bring forward those who will fund these needs and those with the compassion to make a difference in the life of these precious people.

Thank you and many blessings of HaShem!

Susan Heagy, President

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