A Musical Project

Many Survivors no longer are mobile enough to leave their homes very often.  Elderly, with poor eyesight and arthritic knees, often frail and dependent on a caretaker, they 88 keyboard (Small)rarely go out for events.

For years we have been visiting Survivors, and volunteer musicians perform private concerts for them in their homes.  We have a guitar at Beit Shalom and others bring their instruments.

But a pianist is restricted. Singers often need a keyboard as well.  Repeatedly we have had to forego private piano concerts for lack of an instrument.  The keyboard would also be used for music concerts at Beit Shalom for the local Survivors.

We want to solve this repetitve need once and for all.  We are seeking to purchase a keyboard, a good one, with the full count of 88 keys.  The estimated cost is $1500.

A concert pianist is coming to play in May…  Would you help us purchase a keyboard in Israel to honor the Survivors with private concerts?  It will prepare us to receive more pianists to bless Survivors who cannot leave their homes.

Please donate online or send a check to the address at the end of this newsletter.       “Thank you!” from the Survivors who receive this music!

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