AHI Administrators: Time Fulfilled

Del and JeanIn 2011 Del and Jean Hansen filled in an application to come to Israel and serve with AHI.  They both questioned “why?” they were doing it as they knew nothing about us.  But there was something… so they came.

Since that time Del signed on with our AHI Board and the two of them stepped in as Administrators.  Many of you have spoken to them on the phone or exchanged emails.  Del has managed the online donations and stepped in to troubleshoot where needed.  He even fixed something for one of the companies!?

Del and Jean have been to Israel several times serving as combination of House Managers and Administrators, observing the work and blessing both Survivors and Volunteers.  They formed lasting friendships in Israel and have been a wonderful blessing to us here at AHI.  Del and Jean have also been special friends to myself (Susan).

As they both move along the Wall to their new guard tower, Del is remaining as a Board member. Not surprisingly, HaShem already had His plan in place.

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