2nd Generation Holocaust Survivors

Sometimes things take longer than we expect.  Though our amuta (charity) based in Israel has been registered with the government for quite a while, we have been waiting for completion of other requirements.

In the fall of 2014, our amuta board was complete.  This week the new name of our Israeli amuta, “Justice for Generations,” has been accepted.  Our next target is the tax authority registration which should be finished in a few more weeks.  At that point our Israeli charity will be fully legal and self-sufficient!

Remember memorial (Small)Our goal with Justice for Generations is to take on some of the activity of AHI, utilizing Israeli citizens and making a way for nationals to serve their own people.  Though the current work of AHI is caring for the Holocaust Survivors,  we recognize the need to plan for the future, when these precious people are all gone.

What comes after they are gone?  Caring for the 2nd Generation Holocaust Survivors.  The children of the Holocaust Survivors have suffered trauma, second hand, by living through the terrors of the Holocaust with their parents.  As the children age, they too will need personal care.  If they have not yet dealt with the trauma in their lives, we will offer them love without conditions, and relationship.

Justice for Generations will be the vehicle to carry this out.  Beginning with the Holocaust Survivors of today, through the Generations, we will offer justice and love.  We will carry it on with the Israeli people themselves.

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