From the AHI Intercessor Coordinator:

by Barbara Auman Hill, Intercessor Coordinator

For the past 7 years it has been my privilege and responsibility to serve as the Coordinator Prayer with roots (Small)for the AHI Prayer Team of Intercessors.  Each new year I listen for Adonai’s clear voice for a single word from Him to pass along to Susan, the Board and the Prayer Team.  This year that word was “Transitions”. How that will come to pass, what it will look like, how each person involved with AHI will experience it, and what it will mean overall for AHI will unfold in Adonai’s timing, according to His sovereign will, as He works through those whom He sends as Volunteers, or has positioned as Board and Staff members.

Oswald Chambers (1874-1917) wrote prolifically on prayer in his book, “Prayer: A Holy Occupation”, in which Chambers describes prayer as “work, an act of obedience and of the will toward the chief objective to know Yeshua, to learn His will, and to get oneself aligned with that will.” (Hardcover. 192 pages).  In brief, that is the mandate from Yeshua to which the AHI Prayer Team commits:  to pray earnestly that His will be done through AHI’s work to bring His love, comfort, aid, and Adonai’s Presence to the Shoah Survivors through selfless acts of service to as many as possible who have made it safely to Israel.

I invite you who are not yet a part of the AHI Prayer Team to ask Adonai if He would have you “come on board” with us.  You can go to to apply and you will hear from me shortly thereafter.


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