2017: Photo Gallery

Want to see Survivors and events from this last year?   I am always amazed how many Survivors we visit, see at events we sponsor, give birthday flowers, deliver letters and gifts, take to lunch, accompany to the doctor and more!  This is only a sampling…

Survivor Sukkot BBQ 2017






Anna and Jon volunteered at the Survivor Sukkot BBQ 2017 and put up the Sukkah!

Survivor Sukkot BBQ 2017


Russian volunteer builds the new bed bought by AHI for Marianna

Marianna on her new bed!

Birthday flowers!

Zina and Alexy with his new walker!

Luncheon at Beit Shalom!

Linda and Paul, musicians, visit and bring music!

Sergeant Major Hal Lyon joins the AHI Board

Polina enjoys receiving letters from her Adopter

Auvia, translator, visits Alexy in the elderly house, along with his wife Zina

Canon Andrew White endorses Susan’s book “Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?” introduction to the Holocaust for children 7-97

Volunteers from Japan gave beautiful music to the Survivors!

Joshua and Claire volunteer with AHI and help at Eyeglass Clinic in Migdal Ha Emek

Survivors come to free Eyeglass Clinic in Akko

Volunteer hugs Sima when she came for lunch at Beit Shalom.

Carole from France stayed at Beit Shalom while Susan was away

Quilt giveaway in Nahariya through Israel Food Outreach.

Abraham getting fresh air with Elena, Volunteer from Siberia

Tiger the Resident Cat working in the office. You can see he is about to make a phone call!

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