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Wow, I can’t believe it!  The new AHI website is finally finished and online.  There were months I was not sure it was really going to happen.  There were days I thought it would take years to complete the process.  But now it is here!!

It is a real privilege for me to introduce this new site to you and I want to start out by thanking our Webmaster, Dan Stramer.  His work through dmdesign located in Israel is amazing.  He has been creative, kind, patient… very patient… in teaching how to put content on this site and learn the rudiments of editing.  His basic design was exactly what we needed and he has been very professional all the way through.  He taught us by phone or Skype- no need to be in the same city.  Our world has truly become close.

I would like to mention a few features to give you some idea of what we have to offer.  On the home page you have several places with links to take you into the site.  The three pictures screen shot of web home (Small)on the bottom of the page, the three leaves for Volunteer, About and Donate and you can sign up for the newsletter VERY easily- just fill in a name and email and all done!  This option is on every page throughout.

Under the About section you can learn a lot about AHI, our history and our staff.  The calendar is there to find out what is happening with AHI.  An important page is located under About, the Prayer page with information to consider signing up with our Intercessory Team.

At the very bottom is  a link to our Blog.  You will see posts from myself and other staff as well.  Through these bites of daily life you will see what it is like to work in Israel, with Survivors, to volunteer or be an Israeli citizen.  Some days you will laugh with us and others you will see some sadness.  But always I think you will find our daily lives and work very interesting.

At the top of the page are headings. When you mouse over “About, Volunteer, Survivors” a drop down menu will give you choices.  You can also click directly on those subjects for an introduction page.  The Volunteer pages will give all the information needed to apply for volunteering in Israel.  The Survivor pages contain Holocaust History, Survivor accounts, how to Adopt a Survivor and more.

There will also be a menu to your left when the pages are open.  Inside the pages are links to take you to more pages or more information.  The headings of Donate and Contact Us are self explanatory.

At the very top on the right are some small but important portals.  Newsletter, Resources and Blog.  I have already explained the Blog and the Newsletter is just what it says.  Inside is a link for the monthly e-newsletter, beginning with July.   The Resources is an opening to another whole world!  Learn about letters from others, links to resources and those that work with us, read about the Heirloom Project for the Survivors and more.  Keep checking back as these pages will expand and explode with more information as time goes on.

We all at Abundant Hope International hope you enjoy scrolling through the site and find the different angles and information built in.  We wanted to make a site that you, our donors, supporters and prayer intercessors could enjoy and learn.  We want you to know SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTUREStoo, without you we cannot do this work.  It is our desire to bring you information, education and see how we are building relationships with the Survivors.

This web site is our thanks to you.  We are pleased to share it with you, our Friends,


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