Where in the World is Susan in 2017?!

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March                 Israel

April                   USA

9-13      PA

13      6pm  Bible Study Grp, Denver, Pa

14-19     Nashville, TN

21-30     San Antonio, TX

May        1- 8       San Antonio, TX

10-16    Tallahassee, FL

18-31    Hbg/York/Lancaster, PA

June       1-6        Hbg/York/Lancaster, PA

7-30      Israel

Jun-Aug              Israel

To have Susan come speak of the Survivors, Israel & introduce her book “Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?”…

Call to set your dates- 717-557-5775, 717-542-8810  or email  susanh@ahi-il.org    You can call Susan in Israel before                April 9: +972-54-8100-441

Recent updates?        Check the calendar online www.ahi-il.org

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