WHERE in the WORLD is Susan in 2016?

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Susan is in Israel on a visa with TBN Russia.  Working with the TV station there AHI is sponsoring the filming of Holocaust Survivors shown on the “Living Stones” program.  Beit Shalom is the base for AHI and the amuta in Israel, hosting volunteers from around the world to make a difference in the lives of Survivors!

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June    Volunteers from Russia, Siberia and Vietnam coming to visit and assist the Survivors.  Lots for them to do!

July    Volunteers from Finland, Soile and Ossi, are returning to visit and help with renovations for the Survivors

Aug-Sep Volunteer openings

October 22     Sukkot BBQ for Survivors at Beit Shalom, Israel

Consider coming to volunteer!  Last year we had 90 total attendance!  We need you to come and help!

Oct 24   Susan returns to US for speaking tour from PA down to TX.  Contact her on your schedule.

Nov 13   Israel Festival of Memphis – Susan will be there!

December Susan returns to Israel    

To have Susan come speak of the Survivors, about Israel
& introduce her new book “Why is Great-Grandma So Sad?”
call 717-557-5775, 717-542-8810 or email susanh@ahi-il.org;
to call Susan in Israel after May 4, 2016:   +972-54-8100-441

Recent updates?  Check the calendar online www.ahi-il.org

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