His Name Was Izhak…

His Name Was Izhak…

by Susan Heagy

I lost another friend this last week.

He was Alone






He was a Survivor of the Holocaust.

When I would visit him he would have the biggest smile.

When I would visit him I would take a gift.

But the gift was not his focus.

I was. We were. People.

He loved people, and visits, and friends.  We loved to visit him.

He was sad when he lost his wife.  We were sad for him.

He was happy when we gave him a hug, or brought him a singer.

He sang too.

But when he lost his sight, he cried.

We cried too.

I was to see him in June.  Now I can’t.

He is gone.  Like so many other Holocaust Survivors.  He is gone.

Not enough time, not enough people, not enough can be done for them…

Before they are gone.  All gone.

Izhak (Small)Shalom to my friend Izhak.

                                      Sleep in peace.

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