Why Give a MegaVoice Unit to Survivors?

Braha spoke several different languages and is well educated.  She made aliyah soon after WWII ended, having suffered terribly during the war.  We have known her for about 7 years.  Now she has Alzheimer’s Disease and is losing her memory. Someone recently Faithful lightbulb cropped (Small)suggested we stop visiting and have her Adopter stop writing. However, our commitment to the Survivors is through their final days.

Instead, when we learned of Braha’s condition, we asked her Adopter to change her writing to short encouraging letters and we gave Braha a MegaVoice so she could listen to the Psalms in Hebrew.  Through continued letters, prayers and hearing her own scriptures we have seen a change in Braha who is now weekly attending the senior center   How comforting for her to listen to these scriptures that she knew so well!  Her caretaker reads her letters to her and she helps Braha turn the unit on. Listening to the scriptures is soothing to her spirit.  It is our privilege to continue to bless her during this time of her life.

The MegaVoice units are audio of the Psalms, Proverbs the Torah or the entire Old Testament in the language of each Survivor.  These units are only $45 each, by donation.   AHI distributes these units to Survivors as we are able. Charged by a solarMegavoice unit (188x202) battery, they are easy to use and earbuds make their listening personal.  

You can donate easily online at www.ahi-il.org and designate  “MegaVoice” and how many you would like to supply. Thank you!

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