Stepping Further Into the Gap

In many cities all over Israel, Holocaust Survivors have formed their own associations to help one another.  They take care of their own.  Many of the committees in larger cities have had no trouble raising funding for their needs and events.  But a few of the others, in small communities, have no one helping them or supporting their efforts.

Migdal ha Emek is one of those communities.  It is a city in which for several years we have been engaged with various activities for the Holocaust Survivors.  Last year they all quilts 2 (Small)received hand-sewn quilts.  In past seasons we gave matching sets of hats, gloves and scarves; a concert, flowers for International Women’s Day, music CD’s and other personal gifts.  But now we are stepping up the commitment.  As we mentioned in our last newsletter, we were reviewing what the needs were and how to best help this group.

Beginning December 1st we are now supporting them with a monthly monetary gift through our Israeli amuta (NGO).  This could not happen without having an amuta in Israel, so we can legally give monetary support through the Survivor organizations.  Your donations to AHI make it possible for us to support the amuta here.  This monthly check will give them the ability to help their people and pay their Association expenses, enhancing benefits for the Survivors.

Through our amuta in Israel, this support will allow them to hold a birthday celebration each quarter for the Survivors of those three months.  In addition, they are committed to care for their widows, give food to their poor and visit their sick.  These funds will supply small things like gasoline for them to run the errands needed and make deliveries.  And it does one more thing- it restores dignity to the Board of the Survivor Association.

Migdal ha Emek, Su, Di, Gita Dec 21-15 (Small)

Standing left to right Ian (Board member), Dima and Gregory (Board member) Seated, left to right, Susan (AHI) and Gita Koifman (Chairman)

We are also grateful we can work through the “Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors in Israel” and the Chairman, Gita Koifman.  It is her organization that oversees 32 of these Survivor associations and assists them in various ways.  Our amuta is able to give the funding to Migdal ha Emek through their system.

It was our privilege to again meet with two of the Board members from Midgal ha Emek, Ian and Gregory, to present their first check.  Dima, our active coordinator in the area and major extension of our assistance, is pictured here with the Migdal ha Emek Board members and Gita Koifman, Chairman of her amuta.

We could not do this without those of you who give for the Survivor support.  Thank you for sharing with these precious people.

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