Who’s Minding the Store?

Have you thought about it?  If you look down to the article of “Where in the World is Susan in 2017?” and see just WHERE Susan is at any given time, did you ever wonder who was running Beit Shalom and all the programs in Israel?

Well, wonder no more.  Here is what happens when Susan travels…

  • Heard of a cell phone?  Susan is “connected” with all the people needed that remain in Israel
  • Elena, our translator, lives at Beit Shalom.  When I go away she takes care of the house, Tiger the Resident Cat, visits the Survivors and provides for any guests that arrive.
  • Valentina joins Elena to visit once or twice a week.
  • Elena (another one) cleans for Survivors throughout the month.
  • Our secretary, Sima, of our non-profit in Israel handles the financial matters and banking and the gardner.
  • Hagai, our insurance man, cares for the van and oversees any other needs we have.
  • Dima, VP of our Israeli non-profit, cares for needs of Survivors in cities in the Galilee with which we are connected.

All of these wonderful folks believe in the vision and work of AHI and stand together to bless the Survivors.  They promise whenever I go to speak and travel that they will care for everything.  “Don’t worry, we will watch over everything.”   And they do.

God is so good!  He provides for every instance in our life, if we will only trust and believe!

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