Walter Kuhn

Walter Kuhn, Voluntour Director

Abundant Hope International (AHI) is in Israel to give love and support to the Holocaust Survivors in Israel. Let us never forget them!

“Voluntourism” is a unique opportunity for you to combine volunteering your time and efforts with touring in a country outside your own. By volunteering with AHI, you have the chance to show your love and support and let them know they are not forgotten!  Afterward a Volunteer can experience the many sights, sounds and smells Israel has to offer.  If you can give a hug, hold a hand, cut or style hair or even paint an apartment- whatever your talent may be, AHI is an organization that will change your life in many ways!

There are two ways you can take advantage of Voluntourism short and long term.  An application must be submitted and acceptance can also depend on availability.

On a short term basis:

  • Usually one to three weeks; you can lodge at Beit Shalom in Akko and volunteer each day with the survivors.  In the evenings and days off enjoy the local sights of Old Acre like the museums or market, the Mediterranean Sea and many wonderful places to dine out after a rewarding day. Short term teams are often made up of volunteers from all over the world who have a common purpose: to serve the Holocaust Survivors.
  • After serving with AHI we can help you arrange a tour to travel and see the sights throughout Israel. 1. You can tour on your own, 2. We can recommend good Israeli tour guides or, 3. You can select and book a tour before leaving your country for which I can also make recommendations.

For a long term basis:

  • You have a choice of up to three months in one year, the standard visa Israel gives visitors.   For those of you have the time or have been in Israel before, if you would like to volunteer your time serving, we welcome you.  You will have time off to do your own exploring.
  • Longer term volunteers would require a special visa arranged before coming to Israel.  Contacting AHI first is required.  These volunteers have their weekends off and travel. There is nothing like having time to go to the beaches on the crystal clear Mediterranean, hiking in the mountains or the Negev wadis, or the night life of a big city like Tel Aviv.

However you choose to volunteer, I can say that you will come away feeling blessed. You will return home having an experience that will last you a life time and having made many friends along the way!

One Survivor said to me “It was not what you brought me when you came that spoke to me, it was that fact you cared enough to come 6,000 miles to be with me!”

If you have any questions, or are ready to plan your “Voluntour” trip, please email Walter at ahi.voluntour1@gmail.com 

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