The Blessings of “Change!”

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI am sitting at my computer in awe at how God works.  We ask, we pray and we wait for His answer.  Not wait as in sitting in a rocking chair, rocking, sitting and just waiting.  Our wait involves going to the next thing to do and expecting God to take care of the rest.  There is always a next thing, you know.

The picture is from UK, working on the train.  No wasting time!  God is working on our behalf and I want to be ready!  (I was traveling with Jan and she sneaked this photo in.)

As an example of God preparing a change, though we knew God was going to move the Survivor program to Israel sometime, we did not know when.  As usual, it was when we did not expect it.  But that almost certainly indicates it is HIS timing!  We are praising the Lord for this newest change!

We also knew AHI needed to expand to include new contacts.  Where were they going to come from?  God only knew!  And since He DID know, a convention was recommended to me.  I admit in the beginning to feeling a bit out of place.  It had been a very long time since I was involved in such meetings as when I was part of the movie industry.  But there at the convention I met many different people, organizations, groups and leaders, attended sessions to learn about advancing our organization more into the electronic age and amazingly, met a long time friend from Israel!

Now this last bit was another “God thing” I was not expecting.  You know God likes to give us surprises, don’t you?  I was on the exhibition floor at the convention, speaking to just a few more people before leaving for the airport.  Suddenly, I heard over the loudspeaker- and I do mean LOUD speaker- “Will Susan Heagy please come to the concierge desk?  Susan Heagy!”

One, it was so very loud it got totally quiet in the whole hall.  (a bit embarrassing)  And, I had no idea where the concierge desk was.  I walked to the center and asked this man who looked very familiar and was standing there grinning at me, “Where is the concierge desk?”

Just then I realized it was right behind me.  I went up and gave my name and they pulled my purse out from under it.  I was shocked!  I had not even missed it though I would have done when I got into the taxi and had no money to pay the driver!  Obviously I left it at a booth and did not realize.

I took my purse, turned to the grinning man and suddenly realized it was my friend Zev, from Israel!  When he heard my name he hurried to the desk to greet me.  It was so wonderful to connect again- AND he introduced me to the Megavoice units in Russian that have just the Old Testament or the Psalms- perfect for the Survivors!  We will see about purchasing some to give away!

We stood and talked until the floor closed.  Seeing him again was very special to me; he had married one of my very first and excellent translators when I visited the Survivors in 2004 and 2005.  What a fantastic surprise God had waiting for me!

This is what we expect with AHI- the unexpected.  For those who do not like change, consider embracing it.  Thankfully our God remains the same, but the daily life dedicated to His work does not. Praise the Lord!  It is great not to be bored!

Looking forward to new things every day,



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