Volunteering With AHI!

Doug and Kris came to Beit Shalom during Sukkot and helped us make the 2016 Sukkot BBQ for the Survivors happen.  They were here four years ago for our very first Sukkot BBQ.  We would like them to come every year!  They are terrific volunteers!     Read Doug’s words about their visit:

“We had a great time visiting with the people in Akko and Nahariya and going to Rosh Hanikra was awesome!

“The Ghetto House Museum just outside Akko was incredible too, we were there 4hrs and could’ve stayed longer.  Next time I come I want to go and just sit and listen to all the videos of people telling their stories because there are hours of them.  What a treasure to have in your back yard, especially with what AHI is all about!  Every team that comes over should go through that place if possible.

“We really enjoyed getting to know Brecht and Albert from Netherlands.  Brecht commented she thought The Ghetto House Museum may be better than Yad Vashem. It certainly has a lot of information!

“We really enjoy coming to Akko [Beit Shalom] because it’s so peaceful and restful compared to Jerusalem which never sleeps.  I love both places but for different reasons.  We will be back!”

The BBQ was great and Doug and his wife Kris were an important part of making it happen.  They and the other volunteers were indispensible.  We could not have had such a wonderful BBQ if it were not for them!

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